Thursday, January 8, 2009

Introduction & Vision (Weeks 1-2)

First Blog Posting: Weeks 1-2

In your first blog posting(s), introduce yourself and develop your vision based upon a combination of the following:

  • your purpose and expectations in taking this class
  • reasons for obtaining your degree
  • your current and future goals
  • key elements from your educational technology philosophy
  • and what has meaning for you when working through activities/assignments this semester.
This vision will serve as the basis for future assignments, research, etc.

Also address the following in this first blog posting:

  • In addition, you need to research credible resources to develop a definition in your own words of educational/instructional technology (cite your resources) and from this definition create a list of technology skills you would like to develop (for our technology skills development sessions--TSDs).

  • Why do you want to learn these skills? How will you use these skills to be an informator of technology?
  • Be sure to list technological skills you would be interested in sharing this semester.