Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog Posting 6 & 7: Online Learning

Please address the following two topics in two separate blog postings so that we may easily read your thoughts.

Post 6: Online Learning - Facilitating Interaction Online

What are your thoughts regarding the facilitation of interaction in the online learning environment? Have you taken an online course that incorporated the three types of interactions--learner to learner, learner-content and learner-instructor? Was that course effective in facilitation online interaction? If you have not taken an online course discuss your thoughts based on the information provided in the Michael Moore article you read on Three Types of Interaction. How does the concept of facilitating interaction in an online course align with your educational technology philosophy?
Post 7 - Online Learning - The Student
After reading the articles Characteristics of a Successful Online Student , Engaging Learners in Online Learning Environments and taking the two assessments provided in Week 10, what are your thoughts about your ability to be successful in an online course? Additionally, virtual schools are popping up across our nation for K-12. What are your thoughts regarding online learning and the K-12 student? How does this tie to your educational technology philosophy?

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