Friday, April 17, 2009

Integration and Engagement Using Technology

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You have been exposed to a variety of technologies in a short period of time. Many of these technologies are available for free (all the Google fun gadgets, Del.i.cious, Bloglines, Wikis, Blogger, etc.). Others are standard software applications (PowerPoint, Word, Spreadsheet, Publisher, MovieMaker).

Think about the ability to empower one's learning by expanding relationships and how to plan for learning rather than plan for technology. This requires a shift in mental models and the way schools have normally gone about planning for technology integration. We must utilize technology to engage both the teacher and the learner in order to create cultural connections, increase important communication skills, critical thinking, and much more. Despite overwhelming evidence that effective technological integration is key, we still tend to teach in a mode that reaches the left brain in a classroom overloaded with right brain students!

We also are failing to ask the right questions regarding planning for technology in our schools, classrooms, personal space, etc. How will you harness the power of the technology you've explored and make it work for you? Identify at least two technologies and discuss your ideas for integration and engagement.

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