Friday, February 27, 2009

Web 2.0 Technologies

Blog Posting #4 -Weeks 6 & 7

Think over the past two TSD sessions we had in class relating to Web 2.0. In class we learned about using RSS feeds to streamline information in order to keep up to date on our class blogs using Bloglines and how to better access our bookmarks saved on a home computer from anywhere in addition to the social bookmarking concepts using Del.

We also introduced the concept of Wikis in education and are collaboratively writing a class wiki in addition to creating one for your own use. How do you think Web 2.0 technologies will and/or should impact education? Describe the wiki you developed and its purpose.

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  1. I am in awe of all the technology I still must learn. I can easily get lost while playing/learning different accesses and sometimes not sure how I got there or how to get out of it except to start over which can create the failure mode if I let it. I like the way has organized so many different sites to chose from and the more adaptable access to our blogs and bookmarks.

    I am still adding to Having invited you, my principal, another teacher, and myself at my school email twice, I still am not receiving notification of receipt from any personal email. Trying to be patient, yet persistent I am not sure what detail is incomplete. One positive outcome is that it has made me realize how great a tool this can be when in use by students and parents. I am not confident yet to allow students to use the wiki until it has more completion. I do plan on giving student access later.